Leech Jars

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Leech jars for sale

Leech Jars - Decorative and functional. 

Leech jars of various sizes - Liter, Half-gallon, and Gallon. Liter jars are mostly decorrative. The half-gallon and gallon jars are autoclavable, and come with filtering lids which can stay on while pouring out the leech water. In this way, water can be changed quicly and completely without loss of leeches, and the leeches' exoskeletons will stick to the filter top. After removing the lid and pouring in fresh salt water, the lid and filter can be rinsed and replaced (or replaced with a clean filter and washed later). These jars come with one full lid, one hole-lid, and two replaceable, washable, autoclavable gasket-filters. 

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